Antoinette Beumer

is a film director & writer living  in Amsterdam.


Antoinette Beumer (1962) directed several critically acclaimed Dutch TV series such as WILLEMSPARK (2007) and IN TREATMENT (2011), as well as many box office hits. Both her debut feature film THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE (2010), with Carice van Houten (GAME OF THRONES) in the lead role, and her second film, LOFT (2010), starring Barry Atsma (BBC’s THE SPLIT) and Marwan Kenzari (ALADDIN), were awarded with the prestigious Platinum Film Award. It’s the first time ever for a director to win two Platinum Films in the same year.

Her 2012 film JACKIE premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The lead roles are played by, again, Carice van Houten, this time accompanied by her real-life sister Jelka van Houten, and Oscar-winner Holly Hunter as their mother. A year later, Antoinette released her hit movie SOOF (2013), a rom com often referred to as the Dutch BRIDGET JONES, with remake rights sold to Germany and the US.

Her most recent feature film is RENDEZ-VOUS (2015). After this film, Beumer took a break from directing to focus on writing. Her debut novel, MIJN VADER IS EEN VLIEGTUIG (MY DAD’S AN AIRPLANE, Lebowski Publishers), will be launched early 2018. The film rights have been optioned to Topkapi Films, with Antoinette set to direct.

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